Saturday, July 30, 2050

How to break up with your hookup partner?

Sometimes, we are just looking for one night hookup, while accidentally entered an awkward position of being understood as relationship by your partner. This often happens when you are not clear with your partner about your expectations at the first place. They misunderstood your relationship. How to break up with them with the least damage. Here are some tips for you.

Have this conversation as soon as possible. If you realize you are in such situation, you shouldn’t wait any longer to have a serious conversation with your partner. The longer you wait, the more damage will be caused. Before he/she fall deeper, end it in time. Many people still bare this idea in their mind that they won’t break up with their current hookup partner until they meet the next one. This is an absolute asshole behavior. Once you decide to move on, you should let your partner know, No one should be your back-up choice.

Try to have a face to face talk. Even if it is just a hookup to you, your partner still deserves to be treated with respect. We people are relying too much on texting through phone. There is one disadvantage about texting through phone. You are not able to get real-time response from the person you are texting and it is not sincere to communicate through phone. Therefore, if you are going to break up with your hookup partner, you might as well ask him/her out to have a coffee and talk about it, regardless how you meet, in bars or on the tinder hookup app for hookups.

Choose a proper time and place to have this conversation. If you want to cut the damage to the least, it is also very important to choose the right time and place. Do not wake him/her up in the morning just to break up with him/her. Do not break up with him/her as soon as you shared one night hookup. Make it official and serious.

Try to be as honest and kind as possible. Breaking up can be heart breaking, even for hookups. Your partner deserved to be treated with honesty and kindness. Even if he/she doesn’t care too much, it is still you who initiate the breakup. Try not to sound so happy to be liberated from this hookup relationship. A hookup should end with dignity and grace.

Don’t bring out the old cliché of wanting to be friends. You may be able to remain being friends with each other, or you may won’t. But do not use this as an excuse. People can easily get pissed off by this, because this is definitely an excuse which would be considered as disrespect. Just be honest with how you feel. Honesty can never go wrong.

Don’t send mixed signal after breaking up. Many people just have this in their nature. They love the feeling of being chased and wanted while just don’t give people what they want. Unless you want to go over again, draw a clear line between you and the person you once hooked up with. Do not contact after breaking up, or your partner might misunderstand again. Sometimes, it might be better to delete all the contacts completely, just in case.

Don’t ghost. This might be the most commonly used way for many people. They are afraid of being face to face or even through phone with the person they hooked up with. This is just a behavior of being a coward. No matter what, your partner deserves to know what is going on between you and how do you feel about your relationship. Sometimes, if he/she really cares about your well-being, it is not very nice to ghost on him/her, because he/she might get really worried about you.

Try to avoid such circumstance the next time you hookup with someone. The next time before you sleep with someone, tell him/her about your expectations of this relationship. Is this going to be just a trans hookup? Or you are looking for something more.

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