Wednesday, July 3, 2019

How to Say Goodbye to Your Last One Night Hookup

Are you bothered by the last one night hookup? And don’t know how to text to the one you’ve hooked up with to end the one night relationship, because you don’t want to have a second dating. Though honesty is the basic policy, but you should know how to say goodbye politely and yet concise rejection texts may be a good choice. Of course, expressing your feelings directly is a good way to say goodbye to a person you don't want to associate with. Whether you're hooked up once or several times, if you're not interested in dating with them again, just say it (in a friendly way!) It can avoid some confusion and heartache. When it's time to say goodbye, it might as soon as possible, and send text to make sure everyone know the situation. Here are some honest but friendly texts to send if you want to say goodbye to your last one night hookup.

1.I had good time with you, but I can’t see the future between us.
After the party, I'm glad to have another dinner with you, but I don't think there's anything romantic about it. Nice to meeting you. Some words like this, make sure you had fun with them firstly, and then say sorry about your rejection and give the detail reasons.

2.We can be good friends.
I had a good time last week, but I would really like to be friends with you. If you want to join us, we're going to watch a football game together. If you also want to be friends with them, tell them. But you should make clear of your own heart. Friends is friends, not mixing its with one night dating.

3.I have no interest in have a relationship.
While we had a great one night dating, but I think one night dating is not equal to a serious relationship. I have to say that I'm not interested in making this routine. Good luck, you’ll find what you're looking for!

4.I really don’t want to be friends.
I think you're great, but to be honest, I don't have enough to build and maintain another friendship right now, but I wish you the best and you deserves the better one.

5.Thanks for the good memories with you.
It was really a fun and memorable one night with you, thanks for your time with me. But I think I should follow my heart and we are not the right one for each other. Wish you all the best.

6.One night hookup is just a one night hookup in my world.
In my opinion, one night hookup is just one night hookup and has nothing to do with serious emotions. One night dating is just a one time thing.
7.We have to end things here.
Meeting you and having a great one night dating is an unexpected experience for me. However, we have to put an end to this. Find it on hookup apps.

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