Thursday, September 12, 2019

How to hookup with a guy as a newbie?

If you are a newbie in hooking up field, you may need some tips and advice on how to hookup with a guy. Here are some simple tips for you to get started.

First, get him alone. It is obvious that if you are going to have tinder hookup with someone, you have to get him alone first. So the next time you see a guy whom you are interested in having one night hookup with, extract him from his friends first. It is pretty simple to do that. You can ask him directly “would you like to join me for a drink over there?” Or you can also give his friends a hint and let them leave you alone. By getting him alone, you can also find out if he is interested as well. If he is very happy to come with you, then it means he is into you as well. If he refuses to be with you alone, then it is pretty obvious that you are not his cup of tea. These are the best dating apps for hookups.

If you managed to get him alone, it is time to make a move. Talking to him is not enough. Flirting is good, but not as good as touching. Touching him on his lap or elbow to show you are okay with physical contact. This trick works great especially when you are dealing with a relatively introvert and unexperienced guy. This could ease them down and boost their courage to move forward with you. However, if you are dealing with a pretty active and initiative guy, then it might not be necessary to him, because he will be just fine with his own tricks.

Get closer. Once you have already touching each other, it is time to move forward for a little bit. Making eye contact or leaning forward towards him to let him know that you want more. Usually in such circumstance, most guys should know what to do, but if you guy is a bit slow in this, you can take over. Place your hands on his shoulder to pull him over to you or grab his waist and come closer to him.

If he is okay with it, you can move further by kissing him. A passionate kiss can totally win him over. Start slowly and move in with passion and rhythm. Don’t rush it. Let him keep up with your pace. You can try a few kiss styles, such as French kiss, nibbling his lips, sucking, etc. Control your breathe to turn him on. After kissing, you can hug him and breathe in his neck. He should totally be under your control by now.

He now should invite you to go to his apartment or move to another more private room. If not, you can totally take charge by sending out your invitation. Wish you have a great one night dating. If you still think these steps are not for you, you can always turn to the help of online hookup apps. These are the best dating apps for hookups.

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