Thursday, April 2, 2020

What You Should Know Before the Sex Reassigned Surgery

Many transgender people want to express their gender identity in different ways. These different ways of gender expression can not only allow them to live in their ideal way of life, and then get a lot of satisfaction from it, but also help to enhance their public exposure. Due to the different choices of individuals and the restrictions of conditions, many trans people adopt different ways of gender expression. For people with strong financial ability, they can choose any way, including transsexual surgery. For transgender people with relatively weak economic ability, they may choose hormone therapy. For most ts people, they may express their gender only through clothing, hair style, behavior and so on. Of course, of all the ways of gender expression, only transsexual surgery is irreversible, the most expensive and the most complex. Therefore, they should be fully prepared before sex change surgery.

1. There is a long process of adaptation before the operation

Because of the irreversibility of transsexual surgery, the high cost of surgery and long-term repair process, transsexual people cannot easily make the decision to change sex. In order to help them understand their inner thoughts more clearly, doctors usually make a detailed schedule before the operation, which includes what they should do in a specific period of time. Only in strict accordance with this schedule can we ensure that transgender people want to have sex change surgery not because of a temporary impulse, but also to help them adapt to their new identity faster after the surgery. Generally speaking, before surgery, doctors would advise them to live for a period of time with their ideal gender identity. One is to start to let people around them gradually accept their trans identity, and the other is to let them gradually adapt to live in this new identity. Only when they are able to start their lives in this capacity freely, can the sex change operation be carried out normally.

2. Transsexual surgery will not change their appearance

What transgender people need to know is that sex reassigned surgery doesn't make them look like other cisgender women. The only thing that this operation can change is their reproductive organs, so that they can completely become their ideal sex. However, it cannot make a MTF look more feminine, or it can give birth like cisgender people. So if you want to bring your body and other aspects closer to an ordinary woman, it's not enough to just have sex change surgery. With regard to body changes, hormone therapy can help you to some extent. Through the injection of estrogen, you can have the second sexual characteristics of women, such as chest; through the injection of androgen, you can get the second new characteristics of men, such as body hair and laryngeal node. If possible, you can try to imitate the behavior of ordinary women and the way they wear their ears. I believe that when you try all kinds of ways of sex than expression, you can be closer to an ordinary woman in all aspects. Find the best dating apps for hookups.

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